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    Neha Goel


I am a Ashtanga yoga learner and Certified Yoga Wellness Instructor. I have teaching experience of two years and my classes are mix of classical yoga, vinyasa, drills and strengthening flows. Though I myself a Ashtanga learner and practitioner, I don't start my beginner classes with Ashtanga, instead I let the clients see the beauty of the practice with suitable drills and flows directed towards Ashtanga. One class in a week we focus only on Pranayama, getting the right techniques, mudras, sitting posture etc. 

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My quest for yoga is the space wherein you start your quest for your well- being, be it physical,mental or spiritual. I have been conducting both online and offline classes since two years and these two years have been transformational not only for me but for all my clients too. When I started my teaching practice, I have some clear settings for my classes, in terms of batch capacity, schedule of the classes for the whole week  and infusion of different forms and styles of yoga to bring diversity and challenges. I deliberately keep the batch size small max to 6 clients per batch so that I can pay full attention to each and everyone...  Hope to see you soon at myquestforyoga...

Much love.

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