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Known for its longevity and self repair, the Lotus Flower is a plant of Asian origin that has many minerals and nutrients. Pratha Naturals is the one who offers these benefits to your hair.

The Lotus Flower has been used for centuries because of its mystical significance. Hindus, Buddhist and Egyptians considered it as a the sacred flower. Since Hindus still use it for Ayurvedic medicine, a complex therapeutic technique which are very popular in India.

Benefits –

Pink lotus shampoo bar is the nest level of revitalizing and moisturizing hairs . works on brittle and wavy hair and wards off all the frizz from the hair making them silky and smooth.

 provides intense repair for healthier and brighter hair. regenerate the hairs, leaving them much softer and more pliable.

Remove the inflammation in the scalp, and a reduction in inflammation may mean less dirt and dandruff.

 Use it at least twice a week to reduce hair thinning problems and make your hair thick and strong.

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Shampoo Bar – Pink Lotus

Product SKU : phpnl_ShampooBar_03

Product By Pratha Naturals & Handmade Pvt.Ltd

Country of Origin : India

Price : 285



Weight-80 gm    Size-8*5*2

Keep at dry place..