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Gingko is well known as one of the oldest living species of tree. In recent years it has become a popular ingredient in herbal supplements sold in North America and Europe

Hair loss treatment: A medicinal plant proven to help increase blood flow for hair growth | The Science of Ginkgo Biloba to Treat Hair Loss

Ginkgo Biloba B+ includes powerful antioxidants that are incredibly beneficial to encouraging healthy hair regrowth, reducing inflammation and improving brain function. Its antioxidant properties work to nourish damaged hair follicles and cells in the scalp, while also providing protection from various toxins that can further damage the hair.


The special formula of vitamins Vitamin B5, Pro Keratin Musambaram, Kalmegh Giloy, Panikoorka, Manjistha fortify hair by activating and stimulating the micro-blood circulation up to hair follicles. The extract of ginkgo biloba inhibits the action of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, restoring health to lacklustre hair. This shampoo bar strengthens hair while preventing loss.

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Shampoo bar – Ginkgo Biloba , Shatavari | Anti Hairloss

Product SKU : phpnl_ShampooBar_05

Product By Pratha Naturals & Handmade Pvt.Ltd

Country of Origin : India

Price : 285



Waight-80 Gm   Size-8*5*2

Keep at dry place