Pack of Two Small Bead Bracelets with Black Onyx and Chakra color stones and Rudraksha Bracelet with Chakra color stones.

The Black Onyx gemstone is worn to help a person get over previous relationships, move out from the past, and start living in the present. Some of the important powers of this stone are intuition, focus, balance, positivity, change, and protection.

Rudraksh - The wearers can get rid of diseases like bladder diseases, memory loss, respiratory and heart diseases, liver and breast problems.  

Note : These benefits are indicative everyone who wears these may or may not feel or the benefits mentioned here. 

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Pack of Two Small Bead Black Onyx Chakra Rudra Bracelet

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To clean most gemstone, wood and seed mala beads, put a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid in a bowl of room temperature water and soak for up to 5 minutes*. Keep the mala’s tassel out of the water if possible.

*This method is recommended for most types of gemstones, but some stones require special care. Do not soak Azurite, Selenite, Lapis lazuli, Opal, Turquoise, amber, emerald, chrysocolla, pearl, and Malachite beads. Instead, wipe with a slightly damp soft cloth and immediately dry them.