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Jaggery is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. But it’s also important that the jaggery comes from organically cultivated sugar cane. At VJ Organic Farms, we follow stringent quality standards and follow a 100% organic practice with complete control over all aspects of the production cycle - from cultivation to processing. Enjoy this delicious jaggery syrup in a variety of ways - with rotis, breads, puries, pan cakes, as dessert toppings or as additions to fresh fruit juices.

 Note: If you are adding the jaggery syrup to a milk based beverage or dish, make sure to add it last after the milk has been boiled/cooked. 

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Jaggery Syrup

Product SKU : 1

Product By NJ Foods

Country of Origin : India

Price : 150



Delivery: Delivery within 8 days

Return,Refund and Cancellation: If this product is not up to your expectation we will take it back. Only courier and tax amount will not be refunded. For any other queries, do reach out to

Since there are no preservative used, ones bottle is open should be kept in refrigerator and served with chilled water for better test.