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Hi.  We are team Cityogini. We live, breathe and practice Yoga everyday.

Since 2012, we've working on this idea of making Yoga accessible to as many people as we can, and we've learned a lot along the way.Today we're  going to share with you some of what we've discovered—info that will supercharge your sales, give you freedom to learn more, and ultimately, change the future of your classes and transform it into your business.

In this special Live Demo of the Cityogini website you'll learn how Cityogini can help you set up your classes into a wellness business. In this session, we will take you through the tools that will help you :

  • Set up your own digital studio.
  • Plan, run and market your classes succeddfully.
  • How to set up Live classes, workshops, events, one on one appointments and many more ways supercharge your classes.
  • A cool and easy way to make your classes generate money even when you sleep.
  • How to add products to your studio and make the experience holistic for your audience.

So go for it...If you want to learn how to reach more people, share your knowledge and most importantly make life a little bit more comfortable for people who might be looking at answers related to health and wellness. As a teacher you have to help them out. Just send us a Request for the demo by clicking on the form on your right and, you'll receive an email with the Event details.

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