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How to grow Microgreens at Home

Add Flavor & Super-Nutrition to Your Meals. In this workshop you will- 1)Learn to Grow Microgreens in Little Space & Sunlight 2)Hacks & Tips for Plant-Care and Harvesting 3)Discover Ways to Consume Microgreens Microgreens are one of the fastest food crops you can grow in your harm or garden. There are many microgreen varieties that can be grown from seed within 7-10 days! In addition to being a fast-growing crop, microgreens make a fantastic addition to any diet. They are packed with nutrition and add extra flavor to food, just by eating a handful of Red cabbage microgreens gives up to 40 times more vitamin E than its mature ones. Kids can easily learn this skill too. The activity will nurture their interest in nature, healthy food, and increases their interest in eating greens.

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